English for Life Coaches

I offer English speaking courses specifically designed for Life Coaches learning English as a Foreign language. The themes and course topics are geared towards your work or interest as a Life Coach, Career and Business Coach or Mentor.

Business English for Life Coaches


If you’re looking to take your business to an International level – there’s no escaping having a good command of English. From business proposals to reports, I can help you address your English for Business needs, no matter your level of English.

Package price: 10 sessions via Skype or 1-2-1 meeting £300 (R$1500 | $400)                                 Buy it button

Public Speaking English for Life Coaches3

If you envision taking to the international stage as a Life Coach, this Public Speaking English program will make all the difference! As a speaker myself, I’ll share all my tips on posture, articulation, voice projection and getting your message to resonate with an audience. This package is practical, you’ll have a speaking presentation to give in session

Package price: 10 sessions via Skype or 1-2-1 meeting £300 (R$1500 | $400)                                                                                                                             Buy it button 


Conversational English for Life Coaches


This program offers a more informal conversational approach to brushing up your English. Topics will vary based on your interests, current news, business and personal life. Great for complete beginners or improvers.

Package price: 7 sessions via Skype or 1-2-1 meeting £175 (R$900 | $245)                                  Buy it button

Train the Trainer (in English/Portuguese)Train the Trainer

This program is suitable for coaches interested in becoming a trainer and want to gain confidence in planning and facilitating the trainings. It is designed to help you gain ideas for effective facilitation and managing groups. You will have the opportunity to deliver a short micro-training or interactive presentation, and you will leave with relevant tools and techniques that will ensure your training is engaging and productive for your learners.

Package price: 2 day training or 4 evenings | 1-2-1 or group £150 p/p (R$750 | $400)  Buy it button

Contact me to book our first complimentary session in person or via Skype

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