The Soho Girl| New DoGoodFilms logo upgrade

Upgrades are important. Think about the last time you got an upgrade on an airline for more leg room, or to business class… It felt good right?

So a simple act of upgrading your brand identity can help revitalise your brand, or show a change in status and progress. And that’s exactly what I provided for my longstanding client DoGoodFilms when they commissioned me for a new logo.


The new logo isn’t too dissimilar too it’s predecessor, which I also designed. However a subtle changes can make a big difference. The new logo has more of an emphasis on the DoGood within the frame. To me this symbolises a standard practice of good applied to all work, and with the Films part out of the frame which could symbolise freedom  – an endless amount of creativity!

Old DoGoodFilms logo

The client also ordered business cards, which I was able to design and show variations. I also provided the client a version of the logo in black, which is a great ‘stand out’ alternative for print merchandise including business cards.

DoGoodFilms Business Cardsdogoodfilms business card blackDoGoodFilms new logo invested black

And to make the imagination wonder further, t-shirt mockups bring a realistic visual image of your brand on apparel.

DoGoodFilms T-Shirt

So what do you think of the new DoGoodFilms logo? Let me know in the comment box below. Find out more about DoGoodFilms at

If you’re thinking about upgrading your brand logo, or creating one for a new business – I’d be happy to assist to ensure you get something you’re 100% confident with.

Contact me and let’s get creating!

The Soho Girl logo




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