The Soho Girl | 15yrs in Soho, that’s my WHY!

We’ve all got that one family member who’ll give you a run for your money with their opinions on something about you they can’t quite comprehend… Could be that new hairstyle, your fashion sense or a hobby. That family member for me, comes in the form of my Aunty B. Love her to bits, but she sure knows how to challenge; “But why the name The Soho Girl?” she’s asked me on more than one occasion…  Well, let’s start in Soho, London 2005!

The Soho Girl phone txt.pngIt’s actually good to have someone who challenges your actions (in a non-aggressive way, they generally don’t get it!), so that you can think about how to simplify the explanation of your ‘WHY‘.  As a personal brand curator for creatives and entrepreneurs, I had to be water-tight sure about mine own identity. Every action has a why to it, and the same goes for brands. My why for ‘The Soho Girl‘ name is simply that I’ve lived in Soho all my adult life, and I want to carry the essence of what Soho means to me anywhere in the world I work!

Living in the mist of London’s Theatreland and media hub has influenced my self-expression applied to both work and personal life. As the thriving LGBTQ area of London, and not to mention it’s red-light district history (much of which is fading away in recent years), I stand for the liberation of all marginalised groups, more so as I’m a black woman constantly having to fight to be seen and heard in a very cis white male dominated industry.

Now, I don’t think it’s by coincidence that I launched The Soho Girl website to showcase my work and available services to the world this month, which also happens to be my 15yr anniversary of calling Soho home! It’s got to be fate!

With style icon George Skeggs aka Soho George, Old Compton St | Photo: Barima Owusu Nyantekyi

A shout out to my neighbours for being the best in the world (neighbourhood watch dog right at my door step!), strangers who become friends, friends who became family, and even family members who don’t visit enough because of the lack of parking (that part!)

Soho has given me a place I can truly call home in the mists of craziness, offered me the most varied offices to work from (my kitchen breakfast table, plus a vast number coffee shops), the best seafood ramen around the corner for those cold evenings I need a hug from inside, and of course my addiction; HotYoga a 5min (on fast dash to class!) away!

I’ll be sharing more of my Soho story in the coming months, plus campaigns, and interviews from the coolest people I meet! Sign up to receive notifications!

What’s your why? Share some ideas in the comment box below!

The Soho Girl logo

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