Every brand has a story to it, mine begins in 2005 when I moved to Soho…

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I’m Kai, also known as The Soho Girl. I’ve been lucky enough to call London’s thriving creative district, Soho, home for over 10 years. This has no doubt influenced my creativity, perspective on life, and well – go-get-it-anything-is-possible attitude!

My journey to becoming a brand curator happened by accident fate! I’ve always had a passion for writing which lead me to set up my first blog Travelmakerkai where I shared my travel experiences. From then on, I took to copywriting and video content for businesses, created a networking hub called Let’s do Lunch and essentially branding every passion I had through an online platform!


After graduating from University of the Arts London with a degree in Journalism, I did the unexpected by ditching my plan of working for a media house, to set up my own business (Diversity Matters). By this time, having full creative (and mental!) freedom was a key value of mine I wasn’t willing to compromise for a ‘stable’ 9 – 5.

So how do I survive as a ‘freelancer’; ‘free-spirited’ ‘freedom of creativity’ thinker?

I find my tribe.

I work with people who are risk-takers, side-hustlers, I’ve-always-wanted-to-be-a… Those who dare to make their passion happen!

Branding the passion is simple. However setting up a website alone isn’t enough to get you seen or heard in the blogosphere. The secret is to be part of a community of people who can enhance your journey…

Which brings me back to Soho, the community of creatives, locals, neighbours, friends, visitors, rule-breakers, here-to-be-seen fashionistas, change-makers, I pass by on a daily basis. Somewhere out there, is my tribe.

Contact me and let’s get started!

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