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I’m always looking for genuine ways to connect with real people. Connections which don’t necessarily have anything to do with selling – just sharing real stories, awareness campaigns, positive vibes, advice, tips and achievements!

Human Stories

Lucky for me, my experience as a blogger and journalist on my various platforms has giving me an opportunity to share the the stories of people I’ve met from all over the world… And I want to do the same on The Soho Girl blog.

Genuine Connections

A More Human Connection…

I know it’s the trend for blogs to have some conversion targets, and yes, sometimes I will share promos and special offers. However I want the essence of my blog to be about the human connections I make…

Humanitation Stories TSG

So Get Featured!

In each city I visit, I’d like to offer a complimentary photoshoot to support an interview I do with a creative, influencer, entrepreneur, activist, expert… Whatever your field!

Success Stories2

There really is no catch besides the fact I love meeting new people, it’s a journalistic instinct I have to want to document stories, and my blog is an International platform to share content on!

Artistic Stories

If it sounds like something you’d be interested in – drop me a note in the reply box below, stating your city, your passion (notice it doesn’t have to be your job!), your availability and why you’d like to be featured on The Soho Girl blog.

And that’s it! Leave the rest to me and I’ll arrange to meet you for your story to be told!

Local Stories

Triumphant Stories

Let’s meet soon!

Sending love and light,


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*No stock photos have been used. All photos are from genuine meetings I’ve had with some amazing people I’ve met on various assignments around the world.



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