The EF*d (Educationally Frustrated) Student

The Efed Student

In October 2013, I attended the NUS Black Student’s Winter Conference for the first time… This single event was a major catalyst as a student activist which lead to me becoming ACS (African Caribbean Society) President in 2014/15, a Student’ Officer 15/16 and eventually setting up Diversity Matters in my final year at University of the Arts.

Being in a safe space with students of colour who were like me (feeling under-represented due to Eurocentric curriculum and lack of Black, Asian and other ethnic representation) made me feel out of place… It was from then I realised I was EFed‘ – Educationally Frustrated, and I needed an outlet so I created the EFed Student blog! Here’s my blog post about the NUS BSC 2013 that ‘woke’ me up!

The EFed Student is now archived however I’m in the process of producing e-books targeted at new students of colour / ACSs / and anyone interested in race equality in Education. More about that in 2019.

Blog illustration: Olga Lolo



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