The Soho Girl | These colourful pictures from Batman Alley will make you want to visit São Paulo!

I’ve been to São Paulo twice before this trip, and I’ll let you into a little secret… It was my least favourite city in Brazil before now! It’s a business city, and prior to this trip I’d had no business here (so to speak) which probably explains my dis-attachment. On the plus side, you get to experience ‘real Brazilians’ without the tourism catch. And luckily for me, my best friend and his family are from this city so there’s always been a ‘homely’ element.

fptbtySao Paulo is huge (even by London standards I often feel lost in this metropolis), often congested, good restaurants and clubs, way more museums than you’ll be able to visit and of course shopping…. But if you’ve flown all the way across the world is that really all you want to see when there’s so much of Brazil to experience?… Well before you wright-off SP, check out these pics reuniting with my friend Vanessa in an afternoon spent indulging in Kopenhagen chocolate and a walk down Vila Madalena‘s Batman Alley, showcasing some of the most colourful spray paint murals around!


As a brand curator, I get my inspiration for all sorts of creativity around me, including street art and graffiti. This colourful afternoon didn’t fail! I can clearly see the resemblance Vila Madalena and Soho, London have… Which is perhaps why I felt in my comfort zone!

Let me know if you’d like any of these colourful photos to be available at The Soho Girl online shop!

Where do you often get inspiration from? Comment in the box below!

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