The Soho Girl | These colourful pictures from Batman Alley will make you want to visit São Paulo!

I’ve been to São Paulo twice before this trip, and I’ll let you into a little secret… It was my least favourite city in Brazil before now! It’s a business city, and prior to this trip I’d had no business here (so to speak) which probably explains my dis-attachment. On the plus side, you get to experience ‘real Brazilians’ without the tourism catch. And luckily for me, my best friend and his family are from this city so there’s always been a ‘homely’ element. Continue reading

The Soho Girl | New Website Launch

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time… Having a website that showcases all my projects in one place. My portfolio to the world, and just as importantly, for the world to come to me for my services. Finally – I’ve done it! Continue reading