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In April 2016 I launched Diversity Matters during my final year at UAL (University of the Arts London) as a platform to promote and address race equality in education, and the creative arts. When awarded a grant from UAL to organise Diversity Matters Awareness Week, I created the Diversity Matters website as an access point to information about the events, and also an opportunity to share blog posts. Two years later, despite being unfunded, Diversity Matters continues as is a social enterprise working to address diversity in the workplace.


The logo concept I envisioned, brought to life by NexHype GraphicsDiversity Matters logo designIn 2018, Diversity Matters partnered with Ivolution Productions to produce the Diversity Matters Awareness Week at LCC campaign video.

Other popular videos I’ve filmed and edited for Diversity Matters:

Diversity Matters website and social media platforms:

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