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DoGoodFilms was established in 2011 by filmmaker and humanitarian, Ivo Belohoubek. Working with charities and NGOs, the aim is to help change the world a film at a time.

DoGoodFilms received a PERSONALISED BRANDING PACKAGE to re-rebrand the company logo and website, with an enthuses on audience engagement through social media platforms and including a blog to the website.

I produced:

– Website design (features video heading) custom domain referral
– Logo design
– Photography on location
(in Uganda commissioned by NetHope)
– Video: filming, editing behind the scenes vlogs / Location production assistance
(in Uganda commissioned by DRC & NetHope)
– Social Media platforms set-up
– Voice-over for DRC commissioned film
– Social Media Strategy
– Blogging / Social media content / Journalism for NetHope website
(commissioned through DoGoodFilms)

New Logo Design

DoGoodFilms recently commissioned a new logo design to fit their brand. I designed the brief and outsourced the creation of it, knowing exactly what the client needed to limit numerous emails. The client loved the new logo upgrade.

Voice-over video:

DoGoodFilms behind the scenes vlogs I filmed and edited:

More from the blog and social media:

As well as writing blog posts for DoGoodFilms, I was commissioned through them to write blogs documenting DoGoodFilms’ commission to Uganda to document the South Sudan refugee crisis.

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